Since 2020 GreenGoose is the proud owner of the first and only sweet potato sorting and packaging machine in Europe! The machine is tailormade for GreenGoose. Quality control, size and weight control per item, the packaging of the sweet potatoes and sustainability were leading in its development. In other words, every sweet potato that comes in at GreenGoose is being checked on its quality, weight and is sorted in the right size and weight per box. Thanks to this unique sustainable machine GreenGoose can offer customers a large variety of possibilities in the field of sorting and packaging. Via this technology GreenGoose stands out in terms.





At GreenGoose we guarantee 100% quality control. Every sweet potato is checked individually for premium quality! Also, every order is packaged on the day of transport; hence our deliveries are always fresh. Therefore, we can firmly state that GreenGoose always offers premium quality.


Customers can order the desired items and the total weight per package. This can range from, for example, an order of 1000 kilos of potatoes with the same weight, to packages with the same number of sweet potatoes, to packages with the same total weight, depending on the customer wishes. The sky is the limit! To underline that our tailormade service is effective, GreenGoose offers a 100% guarantee for the right composition.


GreenGoose can fulfill all wishes in terms of packaging. From reusable IFCO and EPS materials to a package with a personal logo. Also, the desired weight per package can be looked at per order.


Besides state-of-the-art packaging, sorting and quality control, GreenGoose also offers customers a large variety of other services. Such as different possibilities of order delivery, for example:

  • Sticker per box; it is possible for the client to deliver extra information (e.g. a barcode) besides the basic information that is required on a sticker
  • Block or Euro pallet
  • Outgoing quality control